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Did the covid-19 kill tourism?

Did the covid-19 kill tourism?

After the end of the Covid-19 epidemic…………………

  • Will the repressed travel demand surge instantly?
  • How is the tourist’s intention to travel?
  • What tourists expect from travel agencies and hotels?
  • What are the principal concerns about traveling?
  • What are the new factors affecting travel decisions?


To find answers to many questions you have, I´ll show you a market survey conducted by Pacific Asia Travel Association in mid March to Chinese tourism consumer groups, aiming at understanding Chinese tourists’ intent and needs to travel after the end of the epidemic. 

The results of this survey will allow Latin American tourism companies to find out in what aspects the tourist has changed, and how we can prepare in a timely manner for the recovery of the tourism market after the epidemic, in order to provide tourists with the best travel services and more thoughtful about their new needs.


1.  Travel Intent after the end of the Epidemic

After the epidemic, do they consider going out to travel? 

  • 60% indicated that they would consider travelling this year if the epidemic of COVID-19 has been effectively controlled at the end of March or in April. 
  • 27% were on the sidelines and have not decided whether they would travel. 
  • 13% expressed that they would have no intention to travel in 2020.


  1. Factors Deterring the Travel Intent
  • 67% have concerns about travel safety and health that may hinder desire of travel after the epidemic is over. 
  • 44% have concerns about the epidemic spread again.
  • 32% may have less income this year.


  1. Preference on Destinations
  • 56% of tourists surveyed will choose to travel to other cities or scenic places in the country (China).
  • 45% indicate that they will travel abroad.


  1. Preferred Ways of Overseas Travel

For those who are planning to travel abroad after the epidemic 

  • 48% said they would choose to travel with a group.
  • 34% would choose to travel independently.
  • 18% said they would commission a travel agency to customize the tour. 


  1. Preference for Overseas Travel Product
  • 58% would go to tropical islands to enjoy the sun, the sea and the beach 
  • Cultural themed tourism products that enjoy exotic cultural flavors are also popular, as chosen by 33% of tourists. 
  • 30% of tourists said they would prefer travel products that include food experience.


  1. Factors Affecting Decisions on Overseas Travel
  • 61% of respondents indicated that their employment status upon returning to work and the possible reduction of their vacation will affect their travel decision.
  • 53% of the tourists believe that the cost of traveling abroad will affect their willingness to travel abroad and the choice of destinations. 
  • Effective epidemic precaution measures by travel agencies and hotels (39%).
  • Full refund when canceling trips (36%).
  • Travel insurance on epidemic prevention provided by travel agencies (29%).

These are concerned factors by tourists, and may have impact on their overseas travel arrangements.


  1. Interest on Travel Agency’s Overseas Tour Product
  • 58% of tourists surveyed show interests on tour products providing cost-effective quality services and highlighting worry-free of epidemic risks.
  • 16% are very much interested in such products.
  • 26% won’t consider it for a while.


  1. Promotions affecting decisions on travel
  • 54% of the tourists said that recommendations from relatives and friends would affect their choice of travel destinations and arrangements of travel plans. This shows that word of mouth and personal “private domain traffic” used in travel promotion play an important role. 
  • 41% of tourists believe that the recommendations of travel experts or Internet celebrities and the advertising of travel destinations will affect their travel plans.

The epidemic has changed the way we see the world and that includes tourism. Nowadays tourists have a new consumption philosophy, consumption behavior, and consumer demand for travel products and services from travel agencies and destination. 


Some of the requirements for travel agencies were:

  • To take necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of them during travel.
  • Provide information such as destination country or region’s epidemic risk situation. 
  • Hotel sanitary conditions.
  • Reducing the shopping arrangements in food or accommodation
  • Less tight itineraries
  • Increasing small group boutique tours. 
  • That travel agencies can provide more diversified tourism products, especially private customized tours, F.I.T. and in-depth experience tours.


The epidemic will eventually be controlled at a global level, which will cause domestic tourism to recover and in the medium to long term, inbound tourism will reactivate. We must all be prepared for this reactivation, offering products and services that satisfy these new requirements of security, tranquility and experiences as tourists will search from now on.


Tourism is a sector that has proven during multiple crises in the past to be a solid and resilient economic activity that knows how to recover and become stronger. The keys are adaptability and innovation. If we all go to the same path, tourism will be a key piece in the recovery of Latin America.


Structure of Survey Samples

A total of 1,252 surveys were conducted. 32% wew aged 26-35, 25% were aged 36-45. 41% of the survey respondents were employees.


If you are interested in the complete SURVEY REPORT,  leave us your details in this link: https://cutt.ly/otBgEIg  and we will send it to you. 


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