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FAQs – Iguana Taste


¿What is Iguana taste?

We are a digital and collaborative platform that unites diners with host Latin chefs, in an incredible event where will share unique 360 ​​° cultural experiences. We are ambassadors of the Latino culture!

¿What are the means of payment available?

The payment to be part of any Iguana taste event is done through PayPal. You can choose between the three available payment options:

Credit or debit card.
Bank acount.
You just have to open a PayPal account, and that’s it! This is a safe method to make payments and transfers, since it sends the money instantly, without sharing the financial information with the recipient.

¿How can I be sure that the service is reliable?

In the family iguana taste we always care about providing good service. That is why our clients, both hosts and diners, are evaluated in a personalized way, by the corresponding area, when registering on our platform.

¿How long does each Iguana taste event last?

The duration of Iguana taste events will depend on the time indicated by the host, taking 1 hour as a minimum duration. However, this can be extended depending on the host’s disposition. Time flies when one has fun!

¿How can I become a host Iguana taste?

To create an Iguana taste event you must follow the following steps:

1° Create your event Define your menu, the number of seats available and the price.

2° Contact us Send us a message with the description of the event, and details of the cultural proposal!

3° Confirmation. Last step. We will confirm the receipt of the info and approval. Instantly we will proceed to publish it and a couple of days before, we will indicate the number of people that will attend your event.

And this is how, with three simple steps, you become the host of an Iguana taste event!

¿How can I attend an Iguana taste event?

You are only three steps away from being a Iguana taste diner:


2° Payment method.

3° Payment confirmation.

¿How can I cancel my reservation to an Iguana taste event?

To cancel your reservation to an Iguana taste event, it is necessary that you contact our support and customer service area (hola@iguanataste.com). The cancellation must be made with a minimum of 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will lose the deposit money. It is necessary to take into account the latter, to avoid inconveniences to the host.

¿Problems with the language?

Iguana taste events have as their main objective the dissemination of Latin American culture. Reason why we will have in our line of hosts, bilingual professionals. The available languages ​​are indicated in the event’s file. Practice your Spanish in each event!

¿How do I get to an Iguana taste event?

Iguana taste events published by the platform contain the minimum information necessary regarding the location of the event (district, urbanization and references), the exact address will be indicated once the participation in the event is confirmed. This measure is taken considering the security of the host customer.


¿In what way do you promote the Latin American culture?

Our hosts are ambassadors of the Latin American culture, not only from their country of origin, but also abroad. We bring Latin America to the world!

¿How can I learn more about their culture from the Iguana taste events?

Iguana taste wants you to be part of this adventure of spreading the Latin culture. In each event, the host becomes an ambassador of their culture and will share with diners a unique perspective of their culture, always while enjoying the gastronomy of the event. On the other hand, we put at your disposal varied cultural content, which we will be updating week after week.

¿In which countries is Iguana taste?

At the moment we are in Peru, however we are looking for new Latin American hosts willing to become ambassadors of their culture in the world. What are you waiting for? Be part of Iguana taste.

¿What kind of experiences will we share in an Iguana taste event?

The Iguana taste events take place in a home environment, sharing our Latin culture from the food. As a host you can share not only your food, but also you can be an ambassador of the Latin American culture sharing your knowledge and experiences.


¿How can I create an account in Iguana taste?

Create your account in Iguana taste in a simple way! You have 2 options:

  • Sign in with your Facebook account.
  • Create an account on our platform using your email is just as simple. Enter your email and password Iguana taste, and go!

To complete the registration, with both options, it is necessary that you complete a personal file on information relevant to the process. We want to meet you!

¿How can I change the password?

In case you forget your password, go to the “Login / Sign up” tab and click on “Lost your password”. This link will direct you to another window in which you can reset your account, without endangering your information.

What information should I include in my profile?

As part of our security policy, we request a minimum of information that must contain the Iguana taste user profile.


¿How do they help the most remote communities in the city?

The way of working, focused on experiential gastronomic tourism, makes Iguana taste a means of access to tourists (internal and external) to the homes of Latin American families, their customs and traditions. As part of our commitment to culture, we look for native hosts in their place of origin. One day you could escape from the city and visit family farmers of the representative products of each country, such as the Andean potato; or enjoying a marine lunch with the catch of the day. Dare yourself!

¿How can I support the communities?

From the moment you participate in an Iguana taste event, you become a spokesperson for its gastronomic tradition, the one that lasts from generation to generation.


¿What to do if you have allergies?

In case you have knowledge of your allergies, you should carefully review the indications of the event, it will show the main inputs to use during the event. Likewise, it is necessary that you inform the host.

¿Pets at the Iguana taste event?

Some of our hosts have pets at home, others will be pet-Iguanas. This information will be available at the iguana event.

¿What to do if the food I receive is in poor condition or causes an upset stomach?

In case they serve a food in poor condition, do not accept or eat. Report the incident to

¿What do I do if the presentation of the food is not what I expected?

Tell the host about this situation, remember that at the end of the event you can rate it and leave comments on your profile. If necessary, the host’s account will be closed at fault.


¿How do you ensure the protection of my personal data?

Our web platform works with a programming model that does not allow the loss of information from our clients. Any questions, write us, we are here to help you.

¿What can I do if I forgot some property in the host’s house?

In these cases, you must write a message to the following email: hola@iguanataste.com, indicating the forgotten object and its characteristics, likewise, the information of the event you attended. We will contact the host to retrieve your belongings, but please remember, take care of your things!

¿How do I verify that the Iguana event payment was made on the website?

The payment for accessing the Iguana taste event is done through the PayPal virtual platform, once you complete the payment, the information on your profile will update the status of the event.

¿Who can I go to if I have a claim?

Our team Iguana taste is always willing to listen. In case you have a claim or query, do not hesitate to write us.

!Help us improve your Iguana taste experience!